Preview of June PS4 releases

Here we are again, it’s that time of the month, it’s preview time! This time we are looking into several June releases for the PS4 that I’m most excited about. Let’s get into it!

Elder Scrolls online: Elsweyr

Developer: ZeniMax Online Studios

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Release date: 04/06/19

Official page:

Elder Scrolls Online is back in June with its third major expansion after Morrowind and Summerset and I, frankly am looking forward to it. In the history of Elder Scrolls which has spanned 25 years since its first entry Elder Scrolls: Arena back in 1994, I have flitted in and out of the titles and played at least a good chunk of them. I’ll be adding Elsweyr to that chunky list, for sure.

So, in this new expansion, Elsweyr is the name of a huge region within Tamriel (Elsweyr only other feature in Elder Scrolls was the Arena title in 1994) and is a fully explorable tropical environment filled with scorched sands and compromising grasslands for players to dive into. As you explore the vast region, you may come across dragons! Oh yes, the dangerous fantastical creatures will feature as well as other dangerous creatures. It will be one of your jobs to find out why dragons are back as well as put a stop to them. Let’s also hope we get to ride one!

One of the dangerous yet awesome dragons you will have to contend with

Elsweyr is also home to the Khajiit who are the cat-like race that featured in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim so it will be nice to see their naturally stealthy characters back in Elder Scrolls as they try to fight off the new threat of dragons.

A member of the Khajiit race with the prominent feline features

Despite this being a new chapter in the Elder Scrolls world, Elsweyr can be played by newcomers or veterans and it certainly encourages it. There is a new tutorial area at the beginning of the game and it provides players with a brief excursion to gently ease them into the mechanics and layout of the game.

A new feature in the game which I very much like the look of is the introduction of the Necromancer class. The abilities you unlock will be wonderfully macabre and will include firing undead skulls towards enemies, using a giant scythe to devastate a number of enemies as well as controlling the undead! Oh yes!

This could end badly!

The general gameplay will be in the same vein as other Elder Scrolls titles and you will have a main storyline as well as plenty of side missions and excursions to keep you occupied. There will be resources to gather and runes to collect whilst levelling up to gain new abilities and as said, it can be played by a newcomer or veteran. I am looking forward to exploring this vast new chapter in the Elder Scrolls world as well as trying to take some dragons down!

Please see below for the trailer:

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Developer: ArtPlay

Publisher: 505 Games

Release date: 18/06/19

Official page:

Now, those of you that have either read my reviews or these previews will know that I’m a fan of retro (it basically means I’m a gamer in my thirties and I remember the old games!) so one could assume that this upcoming action adventure game, which is very much in the mould of Castlevania would be up my street? One would assume correct! Bloodstained definitely looks like a game I would love to get into, it has former Castlevania series producer Koji Igarashi at the helm which certainly pulls me in a little more and with it being mentioned as a spiritual successor to the Castlevania series then I just can’t wait!

The Castlevania roots are easy to see throughout the game

So, you will play Bloodstained in a gothic world as Miriam who was an orphan taken in by an Alchemist guild and then subjected to experiments. The results of the experiments is that Miriam now has crystals on her body which enables demonic energy to be transported into her body. The guild’s act was to summon demons to their world but another alchemist named Johannes helps Miriam as he disagrees with the act. To prevent the demon outbreak and to save her own humanity, Miriam must venture through Demon Castle slaying demons in order to find answers.

Our protagonist, Miriam making her way through Demon Castle

The gameplay is expected to follow the Metroidvania-style and will follow the tried and tested format of dispatching enemies as you work your way through the side-scrolling levels. The added bits will be that Miriam will be able to gain powers which are enabled by the crystals on her body as well as being able to craft items and armour.

Miriam putting her abilities to good use

It has been revealed that the game will be presented in a 2.5D style which is restricting movement to a 2D system but with 3D graphics, hence the meeting in the middle, 2.5D. Igarashi stated that he wanted to keep it in the same vein of the later Castlevania games and that is why he chose 2.5D.

Bloodstained is probably nothing new for some people but for fans of Castlevania and games of similar ilk then this could be a massive game. The spiritual successor, for sure.

Please see below for the trailer:

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Developer: Beenox

Publisher: Activision

Release date: 21/06/19

Official page:

There is a lot of revamping of classic games happening of late and I must admit, I am loving them. Most of them also happen to be from my childhood so I’m very drawn to them as they were favourites of mine back in the day. The Crash N.Sane Trilogy was a hit and looked marvellous but will Crash Team Racing be a hit? I really hope so.

The 1999 version and the 2019 version – the new version looks fantastic but will it do justice to the original

The gameplay will be setup pretty much the same as the original in which you can choose a quick race or Grand Prix but the main pull is the adventure mode which will feature new areas, characters and boss battles which will become unlocked as you progress.

There is little tweaks though, in which there is online multiplayer options as well as being able to customise different karts and characters to make it feel a little more personal.

The graphics look beautifully re-imagined and revamped

Another little tweak which is within the adventure mode is that it has been said that you will get rewarded more. Instead of just earning the boss characters like in the original, you will now earn something every time you win a race. It might be parts for your kart or perhaps character skins, either way, you will be rewarded which is great by me.

It has also been said that you earn the boss characters straight away after defeating them rather than waiting like you did in the original.

Ready, steady, go!!!

Hopefully all these little tweaks will really up the ante and make Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled as great as the original, if not better. I can’t wait.

Please see below for the trailer:

The Sinking City

Developer: Frogwares

Publisher:Bigben Interactive

Release date: 25/06/19

PlayStation page:

Now, I must say that this game intrigues me. It really intrigues me. The whole eeriness, supernatural and dark element to it has me hooked already. Inspired by legendary horror author H.P. Lovecraft, The Sinking City is set in 1920’s New England and the player is an investigator trying to uncover the mysterious truth behind the problematic flooding and why it makes the citizens succumb to madness.

You will spend a lot of time traversing the flooded city by boat

It is general detective work but in an impossible landscape. You will try to gather your clues and make your own conclusions about what is happening. Each case can be solved in a variety of ways and it can be different outcomes depending on your actions. You can use stealth, brute force or perhaps persuasion but whatever happens, you have to live by your decisions. The good thing about The Sinking City is that as it’s a detective game, you are left to deduce a lot and really work out the clues. It doesn’t always point you in the right direction and lets you do the legwork. This will help you think and act like a detective as well as making sure you pay attention to your surroundings which will be essential if you want to progress.

I love the bleak and dark feel of the game

As you delve deeper and deeper, you will uncover more strange truths, strange creatures and a strange hostile city that wants you to either be dead or to give in to the madness. You must keep your wits and fight your way to solve the mysteries.

What on earth is that?

The dark eeriness of this title really interests me and with the pushback of its release, let’s hope it will be worth the wait.

Please see below for the trailer:


Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio

Publisher: Sega

Release date: 25/06/19

Official page:

From the makers of Yakuza and also spinning off from it, comes Judgment which takes place in the same Yakuza universe but this time, you play as Takayuki Yagami, a lawyer turned PI after his girlfriend is murdered by a murder suspect he had got acquitted.

Having believed him innocent in the past, Takayuki is disgraced and left on the streets. He now must prove his worth to the friends who’ve left him behind and even delve into the underworld he once fought against.

Our disgraced lawyer turned PI, Takayuki Yagami

With your position now as a PI hired by lawyers to help crack cases, you will be identifying suspects based on visual clues, gathering evidence at crime scenes, then having to present the right evidence to unlock witness testimonies, all of which leads to more clues and more investigations. Dialogue will also be a big part of it and you will be rewarded for asking the right questions. It certainly has a bit of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney style to it but without the anime graphics and it has said there will be courtroom scenes.

The graphics look fantastic and you can see the Yakuza game similarities

There will be plenty of fighting in the big world of Judgment as you try to coax answers out of people as well as getting random encounters with street hoodlums. Our PI is very efficient in the art of fighting and there is also a sort of skills tree in which you can unlock different fighting abilities, for example, you can learn to bounce off a wall and grab your opponents head with your legs in a spinning takedown move.

Our hero taking out two guys with a high spinning kick – again, the graphics look fantastic

Despite this game being very much like a Yakuza game and set in the Yakuza world, this game could stand out as a game in its own right and I believe it will. I look forward to playing it so I can pass ‘Judgment’ over it. Sorry, I couldn’t resist…

Please see below for the trailer:

F1 2019

Developer: Codemasters

Publisher: Codemasters

Release date: 28/06/19

Official page:

I don’t think I’ve previewed a sports game yet so I thought I would start here with F1 2019. Here’s what to look forward to…

To celebrate the 10th F1 game from Codemasters, this year will be an anniversary edition and it looks better than ever. Normally Codemasters are pretty consistent with their release date and it is normally around late August when F1 is on the summer break but this year, they have broke tradition and I think it will be great as players will get to play the game whilst the F1 Championship season is happening. We can watch our favourite drivers and then try to emulate them on the game!

The graphics looks superb, it almost looks real

So, aside from the graphics looking stunning, a new thing is the expanding of the Career Mode. In older games, you would normally have a little intro and then you are in the F1 and driving. Not this time though. They are bringing F2 to the game so players will have to start here and earn their spots in F1. You will also have to choose a young driver program to join, which will limit your team options early in your career. Who will you choose?

I know I’ve said it already but the graphics look phenomenal and pristine

All these tweaks will give this year’s F1 career mode a totally different feel to previous, you will really have to earn the right to drive on the F1 circuit. Also, with the F2 option, it will bring another level of play. Despite the cars being similar in a lot of ways, there is differences and this will be noticed in the game.

A glorious view from the cockpit driving around what seems to be Monaco

Another thing that is focused on this year is a rivalry mechanic and the greatest rivalry in F1 history is included – Aryton Senna and Alain Prost. Their legendary cars, the McLaren MP4/5B and the Ferrari F1-90 will also be included which will be in the Legends edition of this year’s game.

It seems the tenth year in which Codemasters has been doing it, this year will be very special and a game to definitely look forward to.

Please see below for the trailer:

So, there we have it guys, another preview done and there is a lot of games to look forward to there. I hope you get to enjoy some of them.

Thank you once again for reading and I’ll see you next time for the July preview. Happy Gaming!