Preview of July PS4 releases

Welcome to another PS4 preview and this time it is some of July’s releases that I am looking forward to. Without further delay, let’s get into it!

Stranger Things 3: The Game

Developer: BonusXP

Publisher: Netflix

Release date: 04/07/19

I’m a sucker for 80’s nostalgia – probably because I was born in the 80’s – so I’m very familiar with the great series Stranger Things and I was very excited to learn of a Stranger Things game coming out.

A nice touch about the game is that it will be in beautiful pixelated 16-bit graphics which is definitely keeping it nostalgic. However, the most unique thing about this game is that it is being released the same day as the tv show’s season three and it will also follow the events of the new season. Wow!

Battle the upside down creatures in lovely pixelated form

You will get to play as twelve playable characters – a few of which are new to the upcoming season but circling back to the same day release and I can’t help but wonder how I will play the game and watch the show at the same time? I don’t like spoilers so I think I will watch an episode or two, play the game up to that point and then go back to the show before playing the game again. The good thing about Netflix though is I can binge watch the show so it won’t take long before I’m binging the game too.

Play as your favourite characters as you explore the supernatural town of Hawkins

The twelve different characters that you get to play as will have different abilities to use in this adventure game of combat and puzzles. For instance, Chief Jim Hopper will use a sort of bull rush which will clear lines of enemies and Joyce Byers (Mother of Will who has a constant connection to the upside down) can spin around like a tornado breaking boxes and stunning enemies. As new characters are unlocked, you’ll also be able to switch between the roster in real time which is a novel idea as you’ll need to use the different attributes and abilities each character possesses.

Chief Hopper performing his bull rush ability

The game will be available to play in local split screen co-op as well as solo. However, there is no online play but a game like this doesn’t need it. Who had online play in the eighties anyway? I look forward to playing this nostalgic title.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Developer: Omega Force and Square Enix

Publisher: Square Enix

Release date: 12/07/19

Official page:

The next title in our preview is Dragon Quest Builders 2 which finally gets a release on consoles worldwide after initially being released in Japan back in December 2018. The game is a block-building role-playing game and despite it being a sequel, it is a completely standalone experience featuring new characters, an expansive world and unlimited building combinations.

You’ve got to love the Japanese inspired graphics

So, the story is that the evil Children of Hargon have outlawed the building, cooking and creation of all things. They thrive on destruction and they have managed to capture all the builders of the world. However, you, a young apprentice manages to escape. You must embark on an adventure and learn the skills to become a master builder and stop the evil cult.

Master the building trade and take on the destructive Children of Hargon

There will be a single campaign as well as a multiplayer building mode that will support up to four players. The new features in this standalone sequel is that you’ll be able to build bigger structures, travel across land, air and sea as well as fast-travelling using a nifty retro-style map. You’ll also have the ability to raise and farm crops, irrigate the lands and create rivers, pools and waterfalls to swim in. There’s plenty to do!

Get them crops growing and retrieve the fruits of your labour

From what I’ve seen of this sandbox game, it looks like it could be an addictive adventure. I look forward to getting my building boots on!

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition

Developer: Sobaka Studio

Publisher: Buka Entertainment and Good Shepherd Entertainment

Release date: 12/07/19

Official page:

This top-down shooter looks like a glorious gore fest and I cannot wait! You play as Vasily, a former elite operative who now resides in a mountain monastery with other monks but you are discovered by an evil corporation and they try to get rid of him. Almost all the monks are killed as a result, including Vasily’s old mentor and best friend. Time to go on a revenge killing spree!

Plenty of gore and plenty of fun!

The single-player campaign will mostly be a combination of exploration, stealth and combat and you will experience a narrative journey of betrayal and redemption as you discover Vasily’s haunted past.

As you move through each location, there will be wave after wave of enemies in which you must eliminate using any means necessary. You can beat them up with brutal hand-to-hand combat or using a melee weapon, stealthily dispatch them or even use the environment and surroundings to kill them, for example chairs, tables or even refrigerators! (I feel like I could use an Arnold Schwarzenegger/Mr.Freeze type pun here but I will resist!)

More bodies dispatched! Vasily is going to get revenge!

As you progress through the levels, power-ups and weapon upgrades will be available as well as perks to improve Vasily’s killing efficiency which include electro punches, dragon breath kicks, explosive plasma and many more.

Aside from the one-player campaign, you can also play it in co-op mode so share the killing with a friend and there is also an Arena mode in which you can practice and hone your skills against endless hordes of enemies.

The environment and surroundings look great as you fight your way to redemption and revenge

The top-down shooter games always interest me and this is no exception. I look forward to killing wave after wave of enemies in satisfying ways.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Developer: MachineGames and Arkane Studios

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Release date: 26/07/19

I am a huge fan of Wolfenstein and I was left a little puzzled after the last game as I couldn’t help but wonder if they would do another one as I weren’t sure where it would go but here we are and I am so pleased! What’s more, this one will be set in the 80’s so I really can’t wait.

So, the setting this time around is Paris nineteen years after the events of Wolfenstein: New Colossus and it is still very much under Nazi rule. Instead of starring B.J. Blazkowicz though (or if you believe the Nazi’s propaganda,Terror Billy), our main protagonist for the series, we have his twin daughters, Jess and Soph who are actually searching for their father.

Our new protagonists, twin sisters Jess and Soph who love killing Nazis as much as their father

It seems from the trailers I’ve seen that the twins take after their father in many ways and will do what needs to be done in order to save the day. I’m sure some pretty reckless and crazy ideas will probably come to fruition as you play as well as a healthy dose of double the trouble and double the destruction!

Expect more of the same stuff that you normally get with this first-person shooter but as it will play as a co-operative campaign, expect it a little tailored for this mode so perhaps bigger battles and more enemies on screen for the sisters to work in tandem and dispatch.

Once again, Wolfenstein looks glorious as you kill Nazi after Nazi

From the trailers what we’ve seen, it seems that both sisters have different combat approaches – one seems to be a fan of close-quarters combat whilst the other seems to concentrate on long-range gunplay so I can imagine both will work together beautifully. We can expect the combat to be as visceral and fluid as ever.

There will be new weapons and armour in Youngblood but there will also be previous weapons and armour from which their father used including the Da’at Yachud power suit which helped B.J. gain super strength as well as overcome his injuries and paralysis.

One of the twins in something similar to their father’s Da’at Yachud power suit dishing out supercharged punishment

I am genuinely looking forward to this title and excited to see how the co-op format plays out. I’m sure it’ll be fantastic.

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot VR

Developer: MachineGames and Arkane Studios

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Release date: 26/07/19

So, this is the first time I’ve reviewed a VR title but as it was another Wolfenstein title, I couldn’t resist!

This title is set during the 80’s just like Youngblood so they will run alongside each other. However, this title is set slightly before the events of Youngblood and you are a nameless hacker working for the French Resistance. You take control of various Nazi robots and turn them against their creators, for example, the terrifying four-legged, fire-breathing Panzerhunds. Oh, how easy it must be to turn Nazis into a crisp with that fantastic beastly machine!

A Panzerhund attacking you…hurry up and hack that thing so you can control it

Your field of view from the Panzerhund as you cook Nazis with its fire breath

The setup of the game is typical Wolfenstein – richly detailed and vivid scenery which makes the streets of Paris look like paradise but you’ll be wrongly mistaken as Nazi airships hover ominous overhead. The buildings are also tall and with plenty of intimidating statues filling the open spaces, it creates a sense of immersion and this is key for any VR title.

The game will play incredibly easy and it’s pretty much just a fun romp through the streets of Paris killing every Nazi possible as well as causing ample amounts of destruction. The enemies will mostly come in three forms – the standard trooper who will be easy fodder to roast, then there’s the augmented soldiers who can take more damage as well as deal out more whilst cleverly strafing out of the way at times. The third type of enemy is then the really big foes like the Panzerhund or some huge mech. It’s going to be fun destroying the huge mechs.

Burn, Nazis, burn!

So, the game is priced at £14.99 which is a bargain for this VR title but I don’t think the game will be too long as it’s running alongside Youngblood. It might not be usual Wolfenstein length but nonetheless, it will still be great fun.

That is it for this month folks, there’s some real good games there to look forward to. Thank you for reading and join me again next month for the August previews.

Happy Gaming!