Preview of August PS4 releases

Wow, this year is flying by, here we are again folks with another monthly preview of the upcoming August PS4 games. Let’s get straight into it!

NFL Madden 20

Developer: EA Tiburon

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release date: 02/08/19

Official page:

So, I am a huge fan of NFL, my favourite team is New England Patriots but the man who is on the game cover, Patrick Mahomes of Kansas City Chiefs has huge potential. He has had one season in the NFL and from what I’ve seen, he is the most exciting quarterback we’ve seen for a long time. Anyway, getting back on topic and to the game preview.

From what I’ve seen, the graphics and the art look absolutely stunning. They are phenomenal and are so detailed. A particular part I’ve seen is a wide receiver plucking the ball out of the air with a beautiful one handed catch and it just looks wonderful and so, so smooth. In fact, all the action looks a lot smoother.

Tom Brady, the quarterback of my team, New England Patriots

So, looking into some of the new features and the one that stands out for me is the Face of the Franchise feature. For the first time in Madden history, you will get to create and develop your own quarterback in this new career mode.

Firstly, you create yourself and then once that is done, you begin in college, choosing from top schools to attend, then competing for a national championship in the college football playoffs. You will need to make sure you win and bring your A-game because your performance in college has an impact on your capabilities and your draft stock.

Be sure to be on top of your game in the new career mode if you want a top draft pick

The better you do, the higher you’ll be in the draft pick and then once a team picks you, you’ll want to make sure you belong as you build your legacy, win super-bowls and hopefully enter the hall of fame alongside other greats.

Another new feature is the X-factor abilities. For example, Patrick Mahomes has the Bazooka X-factor ability which stretches his normal reach by fifteen yards when he is in the special zone. It is also not only quarterbacks who can get these abilities, defensive tackle Aaron Donald of LA Rams has a Fearmonger move that is designed to intimidate and overcome blockers when he’s in the zone.

The great defensive tackle Aaron Donald of the LA Rams

A thing coming back to Madden is the Pro Bowl which has been expanded to allow for the X-factor abilities so it should be a fun, over-the-top special skills experience. Also, this will be the first thing you play whilst Madden 20 is installing on your console.

Lastly, I’ll touch on the playbooks which has been expanded and there is over 200 new pass options and unique formations. There will be also be trick plays included just like the renowned one pulled off by the Phillys in the previous Super Bowl against New England which helped them win. (Grrr…it was a fantastic trick play though!)

I genuinely cannot wait to get my hands on this title.

Remnant:From the Ashes

Developer: Gunfire Games

Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment

Release date: 20/08/19

Official page:

So, this third-person survival-action shooter, from what I’ve seen, looks intriguing, ambitious and could very well be awesome. As one of the last remnants of humanity after inter-dimensional beings known as Root have decimated Earth, you can set out alone or alongside up to another two other players to face down hoards of the deadly enemies but the really interesting thing is that the worlds change all the time. They are dynamically-generated worlds that change each time you play through them and it’s not just the layouts that change, it is also the quests and enemies too. This is going to be an unpredictable joy to play by the sounds of it.

One of the beastly enemies you must take down in order to survive

The developers Gunfire Games – who also developed Darksiders III – have certainly put down a marker with the ever changing dynamically-generated worlds. In theory, this game’s replay-ability is never-ending, you could play it over and over again and not play the same world which, I think is fantastic. Along with the ever-changing worlds, there will also be over 20 very hard and very tough bosses.

Teamwork is encouraged to take down the multiple enemies

So, as you begin the game, you get the choice of three different classes which are Scrapper, Ex-Cultist or Hunter – I think I will probably take the Hunter class – but this is only really a starter template because as you progress, you can customise almost everything about your character, from the weapons you equip, the armour you wear to the weapon mods you wield. This flexibility will go hand-in-hand with the dynamically-generated worlds.

I can’t wait to delve into this game and fight the enormous other-worldly beasts

As you progress through the game, you will earn valuable experience for your character to level up as well as vital loot and materials which will be used to upgrade your weapons, armour and your modifications. As you become stronger, you will learn new and unique ways to take down the enemies.

This game sounds ambitious and I can’t wait to get my hands on it to see how it plays and how the ever-changing levels pan out.


Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Publisher: 505 Games

Release date: 27/08/19

Official page:

This title, which is a supernatural third-person action adventure, is another that looks very intriguing and very interesting. It takes place in an alternate America, one where supernatural phenomena are rife and strange supernatural forces are trying to overtake a secretive government building known as the Federal Bureau of Control. You play as a woman named Jessie, who, just minutes after arriving at the headquarters, discovers that not only is the director dead but due to a strange ritual, she is now the newly appointed leader of the Bureau. She is then forced to use her newfound powers to investigate the mysterious otherworldly force known as Hiss who are invading the Bureau.

Our character, Jessie, the newly appointed director who must get rid of the mysterious Hiss

So, touching more on Jessie’s powers, she has superhuman abilities which includes telekinesis so she can hurl objects at enemies, catch grenades mid-air to throw them back or even take control of guards so they’ll fight for you. Jessie can also control the Bereau building which is kind of alive in a sense and she will move it at will, with walls pressing in and moving back out. Also, adding to the mysterious air of the game, people float around mid-air when you enter some rooms (before attacking you) and it reminds me a little of the great film Inception and its dream sequences. The game definitely has a unique and mysterious air to it.

Be careful, they will attack once they come down from mid-air

A good thing about the game’s gameplay is that it doesn’t push you in a particular direction, you are free to explore which is by design. It will give the feeling that you are on your own and you’ve got to solve the mystery of what is going on in the strange world. I imagine, it could be frustrating at times if you do get a little lost but you’ll feel a real sense of achievement when you do unravel some of the mystery.

Hurl the enemies – who will come in glowing red monster form or possessed employees – away with your telekinetic powers

As well as having super powers, Jessie will also take control of a futuristic firearm which doesn’t take ammo and can transform from a pistol-type weapon to a shotgun-type weapon as well as more if you upgrade it. You will also be able to upgrade your abilities as you progress.

This title looks really intriguing and strangely wonderful, I cannot wait to get my hands on it.


Developer: Bugbear Entertainment

Publisher: THQ Nordic

Release date: 27/08/19

Official page:

I haven’t played a game like this for ages, most probably since Destruction Derby and I’m sure this will draw comparisons to that title. Despite not playing a game like this for ages, I do find myself drawn to it. There has been some similar titles since the release of Destruction Derby but perhaps Wreckfest will be the true successor? We will just have to wait a few short weeks but for now, let’s get into the preview.

Firstly, from what I’ve seen in the trailers, the graphics looks great with its impressive soft-body collision system that lets colliding cars twist and crush with fantastic realism. Destruction and mayhem has never looked so good!

Choose to race or choose to crash and cause mayhem, either way it looks fantastic fun

Secondly, it seems that Bugbear have done the simple things right whilst adding a nice few novel touches. It’s not just either winning the race or being the last car standing, there will also be objectives and rivalries which will offer a little motivation in events. Let’s be honest though, mostly it’s about smashing the crap out of the rival cars!

Make sure you don’t damage your own car too much if you want to remain in the game

The bulk of the game is in its career mode which is made up of five different championships. Within each championship, there will be a variety of events ranging from multi-race championships to one-off demolition derbys which you unlock as you gain XP and increase your driver level. In addition to XP, rewards are also given out regularly in the shape of performance parts or credits to buy new cars and parts. Even a poor finish draws little rewards so it doesn’t feel like wasted time.

With regards to causing damage, it is worth mentioning that there is two settings: normal and realistic. The normal setting allows you to take on your fair share of hits so your car can last longer. Realistic is exactly as it says, realistic. It could only be one hit and you are out so you’ll need to be extra careful in this mode especially on the longer races.

The collisions and carnage looks absolutely fantastic

Whether you prepare to race or prepare to crash and collide, this title is going to be fun.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Developer: Supermassive Games

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Release date: 30/08/19

Official page:

I am super excited about this title, Supermassive Games previous title to this was Until Dawn and I absolutely loved it. It was so cinematic and it was like playing a horror movie. It revitalised the horror genre and the gameplay took it to a new level. I am pleased to say Man of Medan is going to be along the same vein.

For those of you that haven’t played Until Dawn and are new to this sort of game, it is very much like a live-action movie and you make the choices. Whatever choices you make, you can’t change and you must live with the consequences. It can be very little things like not agreeing with somebody in a debate/argument which can grow and this person won’t help you later in the game or it can be literally go left or go right and if it’s the wrong choice, you are dead. The more people that survive out of the group, the better you have done.

Every choice goes against the outcome of the story and all of the characters lives

So, Man of Medan – which this time is set on a ghost ship – is the first entry (it’s been rumoured that there will be two releases a year) in an anthology of horror games called the Dark Pictures. Even though the games will be part of a anthology they will be released as individual games with a standalone story and cast each time. The only constant thing is a mysterious figure named The Curator. He is very much like the psychiatrist in Until Dawn and will appear in between chapters to comment on how you are doing and give you some feedback.

This game is sure to be creepy and make me very anxious again!

A good thing which Supermassive Games has added to this title and that is two multiplayer options which I think is fantastic. At least we can be comforted by the presence of another person! The two modes is Shared Story mode or Movie Night mode. Shared story allows two players to experience the story side-by-side in online co-op. Each player is given control of a different character and at certain points in the game the story will branch off, giving each player a different perspective of the events. Be mindful though that playing this mode reduces the overall length of the game because as the players are split, you will only see certain events and miss out on some.

Movie Night mode is a local co-op pass the pad mode for up to five players. At the start of each game, players assign themselves a character (or multiple characters if less than five are playing) and then the game will say when it’s each person’s go. At the end of each chapter, there will also be awards dished out to players who performed the best.

The friends aboard the ghost ship innocently chatting – they don’t know what awaits them

I am really looking forward to this title and I believe adding the multiplayer options is a fantastic idea that will really add to the game.

Well, that’s it guys for another month, there’s some real good games there to look forward to. Thank you for reading and join me again next month for the September previews.

Happy Gaming!


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