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In Conversation With Alex Kane

Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic is the latest addition to the series of video game books by publisher Boss Fight Books. Written by Alex Kane, it…

In Conversation With Grundislav Games

Grundislav Games was founded by adventure game developer Francisco Gonzalez, best known for Shardlight, A Golden Wake and Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator. His next title, the highly anticipated Lamplight…

In Conversation with Dyadic Games

If you haven’t heard of the action-adventure/RPG title Sikanda then are you looking in the right places? I got to ask Stefan Kohl Founder of Dyadic Games, some questions…

In Conversation with SunEater Studios

SunEater Studios, are a game studio based out of Orlando Fl. These guys introduced me to the first game they are currently working on, its name is Locus Flux.…

Post E3 blues….Nintendo

Well I’ve been gone a while but I’m back. I’m old and forgot I had the page…So we are now suffering from post e3 blues and I keep hearing…

Nintendo – finally adopting a broad mind.

Maybe they are late to the party but it finally seems that Nintendo have finally realised that something for everyone really does pay off. The Nintendo eshop will see…

Wii U Games – To Port or not to Port????

That is the question, now we all know that Wii U didn’t exactly set the world on fire with Hardware sales which in turn meant hardly anyone got to…

Nintendo – Switch it up?

Well year one of Nintendo Switch is nearly over and looking back at its first year its been great. With titles such as the fantastic Breath of the Wild…

PS VR – A Welcome Surprise.

Since the PlayStation launched its VR headset I will admit to being massively sceptical about whether it would be any good or if it would fall flat on its…

Nintendo Virtual Console???

Ok so we have all wanted a readily available selection of Nintendo back catalogue games since the Nintendo Switch launched early last year. Games such as Super Mario Bros…

What makes a Hardcore Gamer???

Right this is a gripe of mine, I don’t see how playing the latest COD game for hours on end makes you a hardcore gamer. I am in my…

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