Meet the Team

Neal Alexander –  Owner/Founder & Staff Writer (Nintendo Switch & PS4)

Hi I’m Neal. I’m the one putting this together. Gaming is a passion for me, it is an escape. Ever since I was given a NES all those years ago with Mario and Duck Hunt I’ve been hooked. Certain stories of my life have meant I look upon games as old friends. I remember booking a week off work to get my GameCube on release morning and being hooked from the minute I turned it on. My favourite game series is Zelda and closely followed by Bioshock. Well I can’t sit here and write this all night…..I’ve got a team to assemble! Check me out on Twitter @jackbauer1210

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Currently Playing – Doom (NS)

Favourite Game – Breath of the Wild

Ricky King – Staff Writer (Xbox/PC)

Ricky is a highly enthusiastic gamer, at the age of 27 he has been gaming heavily for the best part of 17 years. Rick has earned his stripes since he began playing the legendary Amiga 500! He currently games on both Xbox One & PC. He has a varied palette when it comes to gaming, willing to test & try games of every genre from MMO, FPS, Racing, RPGS, Sports Sims and Platformers to hopefully provide something to cater for everyone. Check out Ricky on Twitter – @DDreadzEU

Fun Fact: Neal & Ricky have worked together before!

Weird Coincidence: Our logo looks like Ricky!

Marianne Riggs – Staff Writer (PS4 /PC/NS)

Dale – Staff Writer (PS4) & Features

Hi, I’m Dale. I love gaming and I have since I was a young boy in the late eighties/early nineties – wow, that’s showing my age…I’m now 34 – playing on my first console, a Commodore 64 or my friend’s Nintendo and discovering Mario. I think discovering my little Italian plumber friend really started and cemented my love for gaming. From there on, I have just loved gaming and anything related to it. I will play and try pretty much any genre but my favourite game series are anything Mario as well as anything Zelda, Resident Evil or Final Fantasy.

Favourite Game: This can change as it’s such a tough choice but I’ll choose Final Fantasy VII right now