Captain Toad Treasure Tracker – Review (Nintendo Switch)

So it’s time for the cute little mushroom headed creatures to step out of the Mario shaped shadow and take centre stage. It’s a port of the Wii U version with a couple of little changes…’s Captain Toad Treasure Tracker! Let’s get this straight I love this game, but it suffers in my opinion from […]

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Post E3 blues….Nintendo

Well I’ve been gone a while but I’m back. I’m old and forgot I had the page…So we are now suffering from post e3 blues and I keep hearing that Nintendo had a disappointing show. In my opinion everyone would have been very happy if a few things hadn’t been leaked by data hackers mining […]

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Doom Patch Notes:

Finally the notes for the latest patch for Doom have been released, lots of improvements and fixes listed below: • Motion Aiming – New control scheme option allows you to tilt the Nintendo Switch for more precise aiming • Multiplayer Parties – Added new party system, making it easier to group up and play with […]

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Nintendo – Switch it up?

Well year one of Nintendo Switch is nearly over and looking back at its first year its been great. With titles such as the fantastic Breath of the Wild and brilliant Super Mario Odyssey it’s easy to see why Switch has sold so well, the next question is where do the big N go from […]

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PS VR – A Welcome Surprise.

Since the PlayStation launched its VR headset I will admit to being massively sceptical about whether it would be any good or if it would fall flat on its face. Now being in my thirties I’m not as quick to make an impulse buy. I decided to take the plunge at the beginning of December […]

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Nintendo Virtual Console???

Ok so we have all wanted a readily available selection of Nintendo back catalogue games since the Nintendo Switch launched early last year. Games such as Super Mario Bros 3, Mario World, Mario 64 and That’s just one series of games. Since last E3 I think most of us thought we would have a Switch […]

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